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Business Plan Icons – Planning, Tactics
from deck Corporate Business Plan Presentation with ESG Strategy (PPT Template)

Slide Content: The slide is titled "Business Plan Icons – Planning, Tactics" and presents a series of icons related to business planning and strategic tactics. These include a magnifying glass for research and analysis, binoculars representing foresight, a clock suggesting time management, a mountain symbol for goals or challenges, a calendar for scheduling, a checklist for organization, a chess tower for strategic moves, and Kanban for workflow visualization. Each icon suggests an element vital to successful business planning, from the analytical stages to methodology and execution.

Graphical Look: - Background: The slide has a white and dark grey background with a distinctive teal accent strip at the top right corner. - Title: Large, dark text on the white background, with a smaller subtitle below in lighter grey. - Iconography: A total of nine icons are neatly arranged in three rows and three columns. - Icons: Simple, outlined symbols in dark grey, except for the highlighted stopwatch icon in white against a teal circle. - Highlighted icon: One icon is singled out with a colored circular background to draw focus, placed in the bottom right quadrant. - Footer: A portion of the slide is dedicated to a footer with a dark background, containing website information in light teal text.

Overall, the slide has a clean and modern aesthetic with a minimalistic design. The use of simple icons and a limited color palette gives it a professional appearance suitable for business contexts.

Use Cases: - To visually communicate the different aspects of planning and tactics

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