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Business Roadmap to Overcome Pandemic Crisis
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

Business Roadmap to Overcome Pandemic Crisis

Slide Content

The slide presents a three-phased strategy entitled "Business Roadmap to Overcome Pandemic Crisis". The phases are "Respond," "Recover," and "Renew," plotted against axes of 'Activity' and 'Time.' The Respond phase entails immediate actions to ensure safety and maintaining essential operations. Recover involves restarting activities, hiring, rebudgeting, and planning to restore scalability. Renew focuses on strategic execution, learning lessons, and building a new foundation from the experiences.

Graphical Look

  • A large title at the top in bold, blue font.
  • Three overlapping, translucent, colored segments—orange, blue, and grey—create a visual flow from left to right.
  • Each colored segment is labeled with a phase and accompanied by bullet-pointed text.
  • Above the segments, a vertical 'Activity' axis and a horizontal 'Time' axis are defined with arrows.
  • Iconography is used to represent each phase: a warning sign for 'Respond,' a line graph for 'Recover,' and a circular arrow for 'Renew.'
  • The slide background is white with subtle shading around the edges.

The slide uses a vibrant color palette and clear, bold text for easy readability. The overlapping areas suggest a phased progression and continuity between each stage.

Use Cases

  • To outline a company's actionable steps during a crisis management meeting.
  • As a visual aid for a webinar on business continuity planning.
  • In a workshop training session to teach strategic response to unforeseen events.
  • As part of an investor presentation to demonstrate a proactive approach to pandemic-related challenges.

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