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Calendar 2021 (US): 3rd quarter

Slide Content

This slide presents the 3rd quarter calendar for the year 2021 in the U.S. format. It contains the months of July, August, and September with respective days and dates. The weeks begin on Sunday and end on Saturday, showcasing the typical US standard for displaying weeks. Each month is clearly separated, and all Sundays and corresponding dates are highlighted to distinguish weekends from weekdays.

Graphical Look

  • Background: Solid white with no visible texture.
  • Title: Bold, large font, centered at the top with a darker background.
  • Month Headers: Colored backgrounds with white texts indicate July, August, and September.
  • Table Grid: Light gray gridlines delineate days of the week and dates.
  • Days of the Week: Bold, centered text for the days from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Dates: Dark gray numbers aligned to the right, showing the dates for each day.
  • Highlighted Sundays: Dates corresponding to Sundays have a lighter background for emphasis.

The slide sports a clean, modern design with a minimalist color scheme. The use of a darker color for the title and month headers contrasts nicely against the light gray grid and white background, emphasizing key information.

Use Cases

  • Project planning meetings to discuss timelines and deadlines for the upcoming quarter.
  • HR presentations to illustrate holiday periods or payroll dates.
  • Educational settings for scheduling exams, breaks, or other significant dates in an academic calendar.
  • Marketing strategy sessions to plan campaigns around specific dates and events.

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