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Cash Flow Statement Table

This PowerPoint slide is a financial PPT template that clearly outlines a company's cash flow statement, detailing cash from operations, investing, and financing. It is ideal for financial analysts and business professionals to present the flow of cash within a company over a period, illustrating how various business activities impact the company's liquidity.

What Does This Cash Flow Statement Table Include?

  • Three distinct sections for Operating, Investing, and Financing Cash Flows with respective icons
  • A numerical breakdown for each section, including subtotals
  • A comment box on the right side for annotations or explanations
  • Totals for Net Increase in Cash and Free Cash Flow at the bottom
  • An overarching title and headers for each section in bold, standout fonts
  • A concise, tabular format with clear, horizontal delineation between items

This Cash Flow Statement Table is a part of our Listed Company Financial Report Presentation PPT Template.

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