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This slide is titled "Change" and presents a collection of icons representing different aspects of change including Alteration, Switch, Modification, Convert, Edit, Adaptation, Transformation, Metamorphosis, and Evolution. Each icon visually symbolizes these concepts. For instance, an arrow forming a circle denotes a cycle signifying "Switch" or "Transformation," a pencil indicates "Edit" or "Modification," and a pair of scissors reflects "Alteration" or "Cutting something out."

Graphical Look

  • Light blue background with a darker blue sidebar on the left edge.
  • Title "Change" is prominently displayed in large, dark text against the light blue background.
  • A total of ten icons designed in a monochromatic light blue outline strategically placed across the slide.
  • Two circular badges, one dark teal and one green, each highlighting a refresh icon and scissors icon respectively with the text "Suitable for dark background" and "Fully editable" adjacent to them.

Overall, the slide boasts a clean and professional design aesthetic with its monochromatic color scheme and uniform style of icons. The two circular badges add a splash of darker color that distinguishes them from the other graphics.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate concepts of change and evolution in business transformation presentations.
  • As visual aids in workshops focusing on process improvement or change management techniques.
  • To symbolize various change-related actions in project management or strategy slides.
  • When discussing innovation, development phases, or iterative processes in product design meetings.

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