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Circular Economy Model Diagram

This PowerPoint slide effectively illustrates the concept of a circular economy, highlighting its five key stages: production, distribution, consumption, reuse/repair, and recycling. The slide can be incorporated into business presentations to emphasize the importance of sustainable practices and resource utilization. Its visually engaging infographic design makes it an impactful tool for educating audiences about the circular economy model.

What Does This Circular Economy Model Diagram Include?

A bold title that immediately captures attention and conveys the central theme of the slide.

  • Descriptive labels for each stage, accompanied by relevant icons that visually represent the associated activities
  • Placeholder text boxes strategically positioned within each stage to provide detailed explanations and examples
  • Outline icons of a recycle, reuse, production, supply chain, distribution, consumption, client, customer, repair, arrows

This Circular Economy Model Diagram is a part of our Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy PPT Template.

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