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Circular Economy Model Diagram
from deck Circular Economy and Sustainability Diagrams (PPT Template)

Circular Economy Model Diagram Slide

This slide helps explain the circular flow of circular sustainable goods, such as production, supply chain, consumption, reuse/repair, and recycling. Also, it allows the presenter to list specific actions taken at each step of this process, like car sharing or second-hand retailing. Learn more about the circular economy flow on Wikipedia.

What Does This Circular Economy Model Diagram Slide Include?

  • Thick grey circle with a Looped Arrow Icon in the middle representing the circular process
  • Colorful circles with Icons: Factory, Division, Person With Cash, Two Looped Arrows, Three Looped Arrows
  • Colorful title containers with round edges connected to corresponding circles with icons
  • Bulletpoint lists with examples related to each step

This Circular Economy Model Diagram Slide is a part of our Actions Template Against Climate Change PPT Presentation.

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