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Circular Economy Outline Icons Set – Misc.
from deck Circular Economy and Sustainability Diagrams (PPT Template)

Circular Economy Outline Icons Set – Misc.

Slide Content

The slide is a showcase of icons representing various concepts related to the circular economy. These icons include visual metaphors for pollution, energy, renewable energy sources like solar panels, innovative thinking ('outside the box'), solutions, documents, financial elements (money), users, consumers, and overarching business models. Each of these is intended to encapsulate a significant aspect of the circular economy; for example, 'solar panels' represent renewable energy sources and 'outside the box' symbolizes innovative solutions to economic challenges.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, minimalist design with a white background and a dark teal header/footer.
  • A two-tone color scheme is used, with icons being primarily in light grey with one featured in teal and yellow.
  • There are a total of ten icons, arranged in two rows of five, each labeled with a keyword that explains its significance to the circular economy.
  • The icons are simple line drawings, reflecting the outline aesthetic mentioned in the slide title.
  • Each icon is placed inside a lightly colored circle, except for the last icon on the right which is emphasized with a solid teal circle and brighter colors.
  • The text on the slide is sans-serif, with the title being the largest and in bold, followed by the subtitle in a smaller font size, and icon labels in the smallest size.
  • There's a prominent call-to-action in the lower right corner on a dark background inviting viewers to check more icons on their website.

The slide uses a professional and modern design with a good balance of text, icons, and colors, making it easy to understand at a glance. The selective use of color draws attention to the featured icon, while the consistent style across all icons creates cohesion.

Use Cases

  • To introduce the concept of the circular economy and its components during a business sustainability presentation.
  • As part of an educational toolkit in workshops about sustainable business practices and eco-friendly strategies.
  • To enhance reports or digital content focusing on environmental impact and the transition to green business models.
  • For brainstorming sessions where each icon can serve as a visual prompt to discuss different elements of circular economic systems.

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