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Climate OKR Icons Set – Climate Change
from deck Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Climate OKR Icons Set — Climate Change

Slide Content: The slide contains a collection of icons related to climate change and environmental objectives. These icons include representations for temperature, CO2 levels, global factors, emission reduction, and concepts like net zero and methane. Each icon embodies a key aspect of climate change such as the need to monitor and reduce temperature, the importance of decreasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, addressing global warming at a macro level, managing pollution from factories, and minimizing the impact of car gases on the environment.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided into a lighter upper section and a darker lower section with a triangular overlap.
  • There's a prominent slide title in a large font aligned to the left.
  • Below the title, there's a list of keywords related to the slide theme in a smaller font.
  • Twelve icons are evenly distributed across the slide in a grid layout, each with its own label underneath.
  • The icons are simple line drawings with a hint of blue color.
  • The bottom section includes a blue circular icon highlighted against the darker background.
  • A text box with the phrase "Fully editable icons" is aligned to the right in the upper section.
  • Another text box with the phrase "More icons available. Check our website" and a URL is centered in the lower section.
  • A small logo watermark is placed below each icon row stating "Graphics by"

The overall look of the slide is clean and minimalistic, with a professional and structured approach to design. The icons are stylized to offer visual clarity and ease of understanding their relevance to climate change.

Use Cases:

  • To present environmental goals and objectives within a company's corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.
  • To visualize action plans for sustainability in business strategy meetings.
  • To illustrate educational content in workshops or seminars related to climate change and environmental management.
  • As a graphical tool in marketing materials for organizations focusing on eco-friendly products or services.

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