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Consumption Management Diagram with Saving, Sharing, Reduce, Reusage, Repair Approach

This PowerPoint slide provides a comprehensive overview of the five key approaches to consumption management: saving, sharing, reduction, reuse, and repair. It is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations seeking to implement sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. The slide can be used in presentations on topics such as sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and environmental management.

What Does This Consumption Management Diagram Include?

  • Five distinct sections, each representing one of the five consumption management approaches: saving, sharing, reduction, reuse, and repair
  • Each section features a representative icon and a brief description of the approach
  • A dedicated space for adding specific examples of each approach
  • Outline icons of water, drops, integrated circuit, line chart, decrease, reduction, recycling, reusage, repair, tools

This Consumption Management Diagram is a part of our Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy PPT Template.

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