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Costs Outliers Graph

Slide Content

This slide is titled "Costs Outliers Graph" and deals with a bar chart comparison of operational expenses (OpEx) to budget using the percentile method. It details the concept of how various cost centers (labelled CC1 through CC10) are performing relative to the budget, highlighting which ones are outside the accepted variation. Each cost center bar is supplemented with a percentage value to indicate its performance against the budget, for example, CC2 is at 66%, implying it is under the budget set, whereas CC4 at 115% suggests overspending.

Graphical Look

  • A large bar chart dominates the slide, showing horizontal bars in shades of green, which provide a visual representation of the data.
  • The background of the slide is a soft blue with a slight gradient for visual interest.
  • On the top left corner, there are three location pin icons with checkmarks, each pinned to a different point along a rising percent scale, with 110% at the highest point.
  • A comment box is featured on the right, with an outlined arrow icon at the top indicating the focus area or a call-to-action.
  • Below the bar chart, descriptions and percentages for each cost center are provided, correlating with their corresponding bars.
  • A dashed horizontal line runs at the 100% mark to quickly visualize which costs are above or below budget.

The slide is clean and professional, using a cool color palette primarily made up of blues and greens. The design is focused on clearly presenting data through visual elements, such as the bar chart and iconography.

Use Cases

  • Presenting financial reviews where performance against budget is being analyzed and discussed.
  • Providing a visual overview of cost management in project status meetings.
  • Illustrating budgetary compliance or deviations in internal audit reports.
  • Using in management presentations to highlight areas requiring attention or improvement in cost control.

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