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Current vs New

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Current vs New" and focuses on transformation, change, action, status, development, and forward motion using concept icons. The slide seems to represent a dichotomy or comparison between present and future states, indicated by two columns of icons. Each icon could correspond to specific ideas or stages in a process, such as a location pin for status or a rocket for development. This visual aid is designed to communicate the shift from an existing condition to a newly desired or anticipated one, making abstract concepts more tangible through iconography.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, minimalistic design with a light teal background.
  • The title "Current vs New" is prominently displayed at the top, centered in large, bold, dark text.
  • Below the title, there's a subtitle in smaller, lighter text, listing related concepts like "Transformation, Change," etc.
  • Two vertical dotted lines divide the slide into three columns suggesting a comparison or transition between the 'current' state on the left and the 'new' state on the right.
  • Each column has a set of monochrome vector icons, aligned horizontally in a grid layout, with six icons on the left relating to the "Current" state and six on the right relating to the "New" state. The icons are modern and simplistic, representing various concepts, such as a speech bubble with a star for feedback or recognition and a download arrow for acquisition or receiving.
  • Two enlarged icons, one in a dark circle and one in a bright green circle, are floating on the right side of the slide. They appear to be emphasizing specific points, possibly denoting key elements in the transition from current to new.
  • A text box with a note "Suitable for dark background" is placed at the top right, and another box at the bottom right states "Fully editable."

The slide presents information in a visually structured manner which is easy to follow. The consistent icon style and the use of color highlights help in guiding the viewer's eye across the slide, emphasizing the transition from "Current" to "New."

Use Cases

  • To illustrate before and after scenarios in process improvement presentations, highlighting the shift from outdated methods to innovative practices.
  • In change management briefings, to exemplify the transformation from current operations to future goals, fostering an understanding of organizational change.
  • In product development meetings, to compare existing product features with upcoming enhancements or new releases.
  • During strategy sessions, to visually depict the transition from current market positioning to targeted future positioning.

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