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Dashboard of 4 BSC Perspectives Performance
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Dashboard of 4 BSC Perspectives Performance

Slide Content

The slide presents a performance dashboard encompassing 4 Balanced Scorecard (BSC) perspectives: Financial, Customer, Internal, and Learning & Growth. Each perspective is visualized with a line chart tracking three different metrics—Target, Trends, and Actuals—over a monthly timeline from April to March. Additionally, each perspective includes a semicircular progress gauge for October and a commentary box for insights into the KPI development. The Target is indicated by a solid line, Trends by a dashed line, and Actuals by a line with diamond markers.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a title in dark grey at the top.
  • The graphics are arranged in a 2x2 grid pattern.
  • Each BSC perspective is color-coded: Financial in blue, Customer in green, Internal in orange, and Learning & Growth in red.
  • Accompanying each perspective's title is an icon: a currency symbol for Financial, shaking hands for Customer, a gear for Internal, and a lightbulb for Learning & Growth.
  • The line charts depict data over months with axes labeled, and color differentiation for Target, Trends, and Actuals.
  • Progress gauges are arc-shaped, color-matched to their respective perspective, and indicate performance for a specific month.
  • Commentary boxes sit below the gauges, providing space for text analysis.

The graphical objects use flat design with bold color blocks to differentiate among perspectives. Icons are simple and representative, enhancing clarity and thematic association. The overall look is clean, modern, and business-oriented, with a focus on data visualization.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a comprehensive overview of an organization's performance across key areas during business review meetings.
  • Comparing projected targets versus actual performance and analyzing trends over time in management reporting.
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions where different departmental performances are being discussed.
  • Utilizing in workshops or seminars that teach the Balanced Scorecard methodology or performance measurement techniques.

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