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Dense Table Template 10+ Rows

Slide Content

This slide presents a detailed table titled "Dense Table Template 10+ Rows," which seems designed to evaluate multiple products or items across various parameters. The table is categorized into five main headers representing different attributes: Product, Place, Stars (Rating), and Price or Cost. Under each header, there are spaces to add text for 12 different items or products. The "Stars" column is filled with star icons to visually depict ratings, and the other columns contain placeholder text indicating where detailed information should be inserted.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean white background which makes the content stand out.
  • A title is presented at the top in bold, dark text, indicating the slide's purpose.
  • Two rows contain headers in a larger font with light blue, orange, teal, and green accent colors behind circular icons representing each category.
  • Twelve rows are listed with alternating shades of blue for readability, with each row labeled from "Your header 1" to "Your header 12."
  • The first column, aligned to the left, contains dark blue text for header titles.
  • The subsequent columns have grey placeholder text, except for the third column, which features outlined star icons with some filled in to represent ratings.
  • The highlighted icons in circular shapes corresponding to each header are composed of simple outlines and fill colors that are visually harmonious.

The slide design is modern and organized, with a color scheme that aids in distinguishing different sections of the table. The icons are simple yet informative, providing a clear depiction of each category's theme without overwhelming the viewer.

Use Cases

  • To compare features or metrics of various products during a sales or marketing presentation.
  • For internal business meetings when discussing performance ratings of different services or teams.
  • As a part of a report to stakeholders or investors, illustrating a comparison of investment opportunities or competitors.
  • In educational settings to teach and showcase how to organize and present comparative data effectively.

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