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Editing Flat Icons in PowerPoint
from deck AI & Machine Learning Presentation Diagrams (PPT template)

Editing Flat Icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content: The slide is about modifying flat icons within PowerPoint for presentation purposes. It explains how to change the color and size of icons to better fit branding needs. For color, it advises changing the icon fill color to align with your branding and suggests avoiding giving flat icons a color outline. Regarding size, the instruction is to resize the icon only by holding one of its corner nodes to maintain proper proportions and ensure the icon remains clear.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide title "Editing Flat Icons in PowerPoint" is positioned at the top, centrally aligned.
  • Two sections divide the slide horizontally: "Color" on the left and "Size" on the right.
  • Each section has a gray banner with the section title and two icon examples below.
  • On the left, a pair of document icons is displayed, one in solid yellow and the other in blue with a red outline, with a screenshot of the PowerPoint color selection tool.
  • The right section shows a small document icon alongside a larger version, with arrows indicating possible resizing directions, accompanied by a screenshot of the resizing tool in PowerPoint.
  • Bulleted text on the right explains that icons are fully editable, with points for changing fill color and resizing.
  • A light blue banner with a darker blue chevron pattern frames the top right section.

The overall look is clean and professional, using a straightforward layout with ample whitespace to avoid crowding. The use of actual PowerPoint tool screenshots emphasizes the instructional nature of the slide.

Use Cases:

  • Teaching a workshop on PowerPoint skills, specifically on customizing visual elements.
  • Providing a quick reference for teams consistently working on presentations to maintain brand alignment.
  • In a webinar demonstrating advanced PowerPoint techniques for enhancing presentation quality.
  • As part of an onboarding process to familiarize new employees with company presentation standards.

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