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Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint
from deck Change Management Models Diagram - Infographic PowerPoint Template

Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide "Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint" explains how to modify outline icons within PowerPoint presentations. It suggests that you can change the outline color of the icon easily, which means selecting the icon and choosing a new outline color. It also presents the idea of adjusting the icon outline width by changing the shape weight, which involves altering the thickness of the icon's outline for visual effect. Contrary practices include refraining from giving outline icons a color fill that would remove the visual clarity of the outline and avoiding too thick of a line weight which will render the icon unreadable, indicating that excessive thickness can compromise the icon's visibility.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean and balanced layout with a dark blue header at the top with white text for the title.
  • There are two main sections, labeled "Do" and "Don't," with respective colored backgrounds in shades of teal and red.
  • The "Do" section includes two teal rectangles with rounded corners, containing white icons and explanatory text.
  • The "Don't" section has a similar layout but with red rectangles.
  • There are four icons used as visual examples for the "Do" and "Don't" guidelines related to icon editing.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a directional arrow and short descriptive text explaining its transformation.
  • The background of the slide is white, providing high contrast for the content.

The slide has a modern and organized look with a clear distinction between recommended practices and common mistakes. The use of contrasting colors and icons help to visually separate and define each section.

Use Cases

  • To provide instructions on properly utilizing and editing icons within corporate PowerPoint presentations.
  • For educational sessions or workshops on effective visual communication in professional documents or presentations.
  • During a team onboarding or training session to establish standard visual guidelines for internal and external presentations.
  • As part of a design best practices guide for employees or team members who frequently create presentation materials.

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