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Editing outline icons in PowerPoint
from deck Lighthouse Infographics for PowerPoint (PPT Template)

Editing outline icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide focuses on how to edit outline icons within the application. It provides three key editing aspects: Color, Thickness, and Size, ensuring that the icons can be customized to fit the presenter's needs. "Color" advises to match the icon outline color with branding and cautions against giving icons a color fill. "Thickness" emphasizes adjusting the line weight to ensure readability, indicating that too thick lines can render an icon unreadable. "Size" speaks to resizing icons proportionately by holding one of its corner nodes to maintain clarity and avoid distortion.

Graphical Look

  • A large header with a dark teal background spans across the top of the slide, with the title "Editing outline icons in PowerPoint" displayed prominently in white text.
  • The slide is divided into three main sections with the headers "Color," "Thickness," and "Size," placed within grey slanted banners.
  • Each section has a pair of icons - one with a checkbox and one with a cross, denoting do's and don'ts. The icons are surrounded by a thin red stroke indicating emphasis.
  • Below each pair of icons are screenshots demonstrating the PowerPoint interface related to the instruction, with key elements highlighted by a larger blue cursor icon.
  • To the right side, there is a blue shaded area with text bullet points in white, summarizing the main actions: "Change outline color", "Modify outline thickness", and "Resize."
  • A light teal pointer arrow points to a resizing handle on an icon in the "Size" section, precisely indicating the action to be performed.

The slide utilizes a clean and straightforward design with a professional color scheme. The usage of icons, screenshots, and visual cues like checkboxes and crosses convey the instructions in an easily understandable manner.

Use Cases

  • To train employees on customizing presentation materials in accordance to company branding guidelines.
  • During a workshop on advanced PowerPoint techniques for creating visually appealing presentations.
  • As part of an instructional design module, demonstrating editing techniques for visual elements within e-learning content.
  • In a marketing presentation, to illustrate the flexibility of customized content for different campaigns or client proposals.

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