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Eisenhower Task Prioritization Template
from deck Eisenhower Matrix for Time Management Presentation (PPT Template)

Eisenhower Task Prioritization Template

Slide Content

The slide presents a prioritization matrix based on the Eisenhower method, dividing tasks into four categories: "Do First," "Schedule," "Delegate," and "Don’t Do." This method aids in organizing tasks based on urgency and importance. The "Do First" section highlights tasks that are both urgent and important, requiring immediate attention. "Schedule" is for important, but not urgent tasks to be planned for later. "Delegate" covers less important, but urgent tasks that can be handed off to others. Lastly, "Don’t Do" includes tasks that are neither urgent nor important and should be avoided or removed from the list.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a dark blue background with a white and teal header.
  • The title is light blue with a dark blue underline.
  • There are four distinct sections with bold titles in colored tabs: green for "DO FIRST," blue for "SCHEDULE," yellow for "DELEGATE," and red for "DON’T DO."
  • Icons accompany the section titles: a checkmark for "DO FIRST," a calendar for "SCHEDULE," a person figure for "DELEGATE," and a prohibition sign for "DON’T DO."
  • Each section contains a list with placeholders for tasks, marked by checkboxes or crosses.
  • The sections are arranged in a two-by-two grid format.

The overall look is clean and professional, utilizing a color-coded system to visually separate the task categories. The icons and checkmarks/crosses provide immediate visual cues for categorization and status.

Use Cases

  • For personal time management during workshops or self-organization sessions.
  • In management meetings to prioritize team tasks and responsibilities.
  • During project planning sessions to categorize and assign project-related tasks.
  • In training and educational settings to teach effective time management and prioritization strategies.

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