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Environmental Outline Icons Set – Sales
from deck Environmental Sustainability Policy ESG Report (PPT Template)

Environmental Outline Icons Set – Sales

Slide Content: The slide presents a collection of simple outline icons representing various concepts related to sales and business. These icons include human figures for People, Team, and Focus Group; symbols such as a megaphone for Marketing and a handshake for Agreement; and other items like a retail bag for Customer or Retail, boxes possibly for Merchandise or Packaging, and a heart for Value or Care. Each icon corresponds to a business concept, providing a visual shorthand for presentations.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide has a dark blue header with white text and a lighter blue footer, creating a professional color contrast.
  • In the body, there is a light grey background that supports the readability of the icons.
  • A two-column layout structures the slide, with text on the left and icons on the right.
  • A total of 12 line icons are displayed in a grid, arranged in four rows of three.
  • The icons are evenly spaced and are in a unified stroke style, giving the slide a cohesive appearance.
  • Each icon is paired with text that suggests its intended meaning, like "Customer" or "Negotiation".
  • The rightmost column on the grid has icons that are more colorful, standing out against the monochrome icons.
  • No additional decorative elements or imagery distract from the icons and their corresponding text.

The slide has an overall clean and minimalistic design, focused on conveying information through icons effectively. The use of colors is restrained, emphasizing clarity and professional aesthetics.

Use Cases:

  • To visually represent different aspects of the sales process in a business presentation.
  • For educational purposes, such as teaching marketing or sales concepts using symbolic representations.
  • As a tool in workshops to facilitate discussion about various elements of business strategy.
  • To enhance reports or proposals with visual cues that can quickly convey complex ideas to stakeholders.

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