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ESG Principles Diagram Slide

This slide state the company's environmental, social, and governance approach and can be used to present these values to employees or shareholders. Its circle layout emphasizes how all the elements together form a complete philosophy. Points stated: Customer Responsibility, Health & Safety, Community Impact, Labor Standards, Shareholders' Rights, Risk Management, Tax Transparency, Anti-corruption, Pollution, Resource Use, Ecological Footprint, and Climate Change. Learn about ESG Framework on Wikipedia.

What Does This ESG Principles Diagram Slide Include?

  • Three colorful puzzles with titles environment, social, and governance forming a circle in the central focus point
  • Linear circle with colorful dots around the central element
  • Icons: People, Trees, Shield
  • Light grey text containers with rounded edges placed around the central element

This ESG Principles Diagram Slide is a part of our Actions Template Against Climate Change PPT Presentation.

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