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Executive Summary Infographic Slide from the Deck Annual Budget PowerPoint Template
from deck Annual Budget Financial Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Slide content:

This is an executive summary slide, with strategic goals and targets overview, and budget assumptions for the future period.

Such a general slide with an executive summary will help to see the broad view and give an entire perspective to your audience. List the common key indicators such as Market Description and Competitive Landscape Insights, Issues and Challenges, and Main Achievements.

You can use arrow shapes to present each item in your executive summary slide. Each point is illustrated by a related icon e.g. market description by globe symbol and achievement by peak icon.

Slide infographic description:

Infographic Table, Editable Text Blocks, Colorful Arrow Shaped Ribbon Banners, Globe Icon, Competition Icon, Chain Link Icon, Peak Icon, Conquer Icon, Outline Flat Icon, Editable Vector Icons

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