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Explaining Climate Crisis Causes
from deck Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

Explaining Climate Crisis Causes

The explanatory slide is a compelling part of a PowerPoint presentation, structured to provide viewers with a clear understanding of the factors contributing to the climate crisis. Displaying a mix of text and evocative visuals, this PPT slide is ideal for templates aimed at discussing the scientific basis of climate change, the evidence supporting it, and the call to action for organizations formulating an OKR action plan to address environmental concerns.

What Does This Explaining Climate Crisis Causes Include?

  • A photographic image on the right, depicting a polar bear on melting ice, illustrating the impact of climate change on wildlife and polar regions
  • A series of teal-colored oval shapes on the left side, each paired with an icon, representing different climate change evidence points
  • An outline icon of a termometer and pieces of an ice floe
  • A source credit to NASA at the bottom of the slide, reinforcing the scientific credibility of the information presented

This Explaining Climate Crisis Causes is a part of our Climate OKR Action Plan Presentation PPT Template.

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