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External Key Growth Drivers Comparison
from deck Business Growth Strategy Plan Presentation (PPT Template)

External Key Growth Drivers Comparison

Slide Content

The slide titled "External Key Growth Drivers Comparison" elaborates on four different strategies for inorganic business growth: Acquisitions, Alliances, Franchising, and Branch Offices. Each strategy is detailed with examples: "Acquisitions" covers Competitor, Supplier, and Partner Takeover; "Alliances" includes Merger, Joint Venture, and Partnership; "Franchising" encompasses Master Franchise, Distribution License, and Franchise; and "Branch Offices" involves Agency, Subsidiary, and Foreign Branch. These points likely inform about how a business can expand externally through various types of partnerships and expansions.

Graphical Look

  • Four main content blocks color-coded in shades of blue and green, each with a distinctive icon in a location pin graphic.
  • The icons represent a star for Acquisitions, a handshake for Alliances, storefronts for Franchising, and a building for Branch Offices.
  • Horizontal bars in lighter shades of the block colors, connecting labels to the specific content blocks.
  • A clean, sans-serif font throughout the slide for legibility.
  • A backdrop with a subtle gradient from dark to light hue, giving depth to the slide's visual presentation.

The slide has a professional and sleek design with clear visual elements to easily distinguish between different strategic concepts. The color coordination and icons serve as a visual shorthand for the text, enhancing comprehension.

Use Cases

  • To explain different strategies for business growth in a corporate strategy meeting.
  • During a training session for employees to understand various expansion methods.
  • In investor briefings when showcasing potential areas for company growth.
  • As part of a competitive analysis presentation comparing how different businesses approach external expansion.

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