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Financial Profit and Loss Statement Table, 4 Quarters
from deck Business PowerPoint Table Design & KPI List, Flat Style (PPT Template)

Financial Profit and Loss Statement Table, 4 Quarters

Slide Content

The slide presents a financial profit and loss statement table for a year broken down into four quarters. Each row represents a different financial category, marked by icons of a bag with a dollar sign and a briefcase, with headings left unspecified. The numeric values across the quarters show varying performance, with totals at the end signifying cumulative figures. The categories expand from general to specific financial metrics, illustrated by values and percentage totals to represent overall financial health over time.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean contrast for the content.
  • A bold, dark blue bar at the top serves as the header, with the text in white.
  • Each row header is a dark blue, arrow-shaped tab with a financial icon and the word "Header" in white.
  • Column headers are colored rectangles in shades of green as they progress through quarters Q1 to Q4, ending with a yellow rectangle for the "TOTAL" column header.
  • The data within the table is presented in numeric values, with percentages shown in the far right column.
  • Below the table, a minimalistic horizontal line represents the baseline of the table.
  • One cell is highlighted by a red oval, drawing attention to a particular value (10).

The overall design is clean and professional, using a color scheme that distinguishes different sections clearly, with graphical elements like icons and color-coded headers aiding in data categorization and emphasis.

Use Cases

  • In financial reviews to report quarterly profit and loss results to stakeholders.
  • During annual general meetings to present financial performance over the past year.
  • In budget planning sessions, where past performance can inform future financial strategies.
  • As part of investor briefings to showcase the company's financial health and stability over time.

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