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Financial Summary Budget vs Actual Overview Table
from deck Company Town Hall Meeting Presentation (PPT Template)

Financial Summary Budget vs Actual Overview Table

Slide Content:

The Financial Summary Budget vs Actual Overview Table slide provides a high-level overview of a company's financial performance, comparing its budget to its actual results. The slide includes key financial metrics such as net revenue, COGS, gross margin, operating expenses, EBITDA, EBIT, and PBT. The slide also includes a deviation column, which shows the difference between the budget and actual amounts, and an actual score column, which shows the actual amount divided by the budget amount. Metrics included in the table:

  • Net Revenue: Total revenue minus discounts, returns, and allowances.
  • COGS: Cost of goods sold, which includes the direct costs of producing or acquiring goods.
  • GM: Gross margin, which is calculated by subtracting COGS from net revenue.
  • OPEX: Operating expenses, which are the indirect costs of running a business.
  • EBITDA: Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.
  • EBIT: Earnings before interest and taxes.
  • PBT: Profit before taxes.

Overall, the slide shows that the company is performing well, with actual results exceeding budget in all key financial metrics. The company's net revenue and gross margin are both up over the prior year, and its EBITDA, EBIT, and PBT have all more than doubled.

Use Cases

Here are some examples of where you can use a financial summary budget vs an actual overview table slide in business presentations: - To provide a high-level overview of a company's financial performance to stakeholders, such as investors, board members, and senior management. - To compare a company's actual results to its budget and identify areas where the company is exceeding or falling short of its goals. - To track a company's financial performance over time and identify trends. - To support specific points or arguments in a presentation, such as a presentation about a company's financial outlook or a presentation about the need for additional funding.

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