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FinTech Icons

Slide Content

The slide "FinTech Icons" outlines various symbols associated with financial technology services and security measures including Credit Card Protection, Shield (security), Mobile App Financial Transaction, Computer Digital Finance, E-banking, Online Fraud Detection, ForEx, Payment Security, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Cybersecurity, Online House Viewing, and Website Browsing. Each icon represents critical aspects in the FinTech industry, from securing transactions to providing services in online banking and currency exchange.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is a minimalist white with a gradient to a darker shade at the right edge.
  • There are eight icons arranged in two rows of four, each depicting different aspects of FinTech services.
  • Each icon is grayscale and is accompanied by a small, discreet text label below.
  • Three versions of one icon (Credit Card Protection) are shown in an additional row at the bottom-right, demonstrating adaptability to different backgrounds, including dark ones.
  • The icons include images of a credit card with a shield, a mobile phone with a dollar sign, a computer monitor with a dollar bill, a browser window labeled "FRAUD", a laptop with a bank, a globe on a screen, and a euro symbol on a monitor.
  • On the right, the phrase "Fully editable" appears in a dark grey box, and below this, "Suitable for dark background" demonstrates the flexibility of the icons' design.

The overall look of the slide is sleek and professional with a focus on clarity and simplicity. The icons are designed to be versatile and easily recognizable, which is essential for depicting financial technology concepts succinctly.

Use Cases

  • To explain FinTech concepts and services in investor presentations.
  • In corporate training for employees to familiarize them with FinTech tools and their uses.
  • During sales meetings with potential clients or partners to showcase technological capabilities.
  • In educational settings, when teaching about modern finance and technology integration.

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