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Gap Analysis Process

Slide Content:

  1. Identify: Determine the gap between the desired and actual state of a process or system.

  2. Investigate: Uncover the root causes of the identified gaps.

  3. Decide: Formulate strategies and solutions to bridge the gaps.

  4. Implement: Execute the chosen solutions effectively.

  5. Analyze: Evaluate the outcomes of the implemented solutions.

  6. Improve: Implement continuous improvements to enhance the process or system.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide has a simple and clean design, with a white background and black text.
  • The title of the slide is displayed in a large, bold font at the top of the slide.
  • The slide is divided into six distinct sections, each representing a step in the gap analysis process.
  • The sections are arranged in a flowchart format, with arrows connecting each step to the next.
  • Each section features a prominent title and a concise description of the corresponding step.
  • The overall design is clean, uncluttered, and visually appealing, ensuring effective communication.

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