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Goals Achievement Summary Template

Slide Content:

The slide titled "Goals Achievement Summary" is designed to track and present the status of various business objectives. It lists key goals such as office relocation, the introduction of new forms of collaboration, the launch of an online store, the revision of a franchise agreement, and the expansion of a female product line. Next to each goal is an indicator—either a green check for success or an orange cross for unmet objectives—reflecting the completion status of each initiative.

Graphical Look:

  • A series of five blue rectangular shapes each representing a different business goal.
  • Inside each rectangle, there's an icon related to the goal, such as a building for office relocation or a computer for the online store.
  • To the right of each rectangle are circular icons with a checkmark or cross, colored in green or orange, indicating the success or failure of the goal.
  • A grey arrow connects the rectangles, suggesting a progression or timeline.
  • There is an additional text box to the right labeled "Comments" with bullet points for additional notes.

Overall, the slide employs a clean, corporate design with a simple color palette and clear visual indicators for goal achievement. The structure facilitates an easy understanding of goal progress at a glance.

Use Cases:

This slide would be useful in business presentations for:

  • Reviewing the outcomes of a strategic plan.
  • Updating team members or stakeholders on the progress of key projects.
  • Reflecting on company performance at the end of a fiscal period.
  • Setting the context for planning sessions by reviewing past goals.

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