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Governance Sustainability Icons Set – Employee
from deck Sustainable Corporate Governance ESG Presentation (PPT Template)

Governance Sustainability Icons Set – Employee

Slide Content: The slide showcases a set of icons related to governance and sustainability themes in an employment context. Icons represent various concepts: Employee, Worker (implying standard employment), Supplier (business partnerships), Producer (manufacturing or creation aspect), Whistleblower (reporting misconduct), Marketing, Protection (safety and security), Guardian (care and oversight), Payment, Wage, Salary (financial compensation), Money (financial transactions), Agreement (consensus or contract), Handshake (a form of agreement or greeting), Competition (business rivalry), Healthcare (medical support), Care, Insurance (risk management), Due Diligence (careful investigation), Scanning (reviewing or examining), Research (investigation for discovery), Contract, Perpetual Contract (ongoing agreement), Integrity (ethical standards), Security (protection of assets and information).

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is white with a dark teal header containing the words "Fully editable icons."
  • There are three rows of icons, each row containing five lines drawings representing different concepts.
  • The icons are simple, without color, except on the right side, where there are four circular arrows in different colors around a central figure, suggesting the idea of recycling or ongoing processes.
  • The fonts used are sans-serif, giving the slide a modern and clean look.
  • The overall design is minimalist, relying on line icons and limited use of color to convey messages.

The slide has a clean and professional appearance, utilizing minimalist iconography to represent complex concepts. The use of limited color draws attention to the concept of processes or cycles.

Use Cases:

  • To introduce various aspects of employment governance and sustainability in corporate training.
  • As a visual aid in presentations about company policies or human resources initiatives.
  • For illustrating different roles and responsibilities during organizational restructuring meetings.
  • When discussing ethical business practices and standards in management meetings.

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