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Example of the watercolor table with handdrawn filling
from deck All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)

Handdrawn Watercolor Background Table

Slide Content

The slide presents a colorful table with a handdrawn watercolor background. The table is organized into three rows and eight columns. The header row contains the word "Name" repeated seven times along with a column titled "Total", suggesting this is a generic layout for various data entries. Each subsequent row contains numerical values with a total summation at the end. The numbers in the rows seem arbitrary and are likely placeholders, with totals being 63, 88, and 44 respectively.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is at the top in bold, large text.
  • The table headers appear to be in a lighter text color and in bold.
  • Each 'Name' cell in the header row is separated by vertical lines.
  • Each row has a different watercolor background stripe: gray for the first row, darker gray for the second, and blue for the third.
  • The numbers within the table are large and easily readable against the background.
  • The 'Total' column on the right has a black watercolor background to distinguish it from other columns.
  • The slide background appears to be a white or light gray with a rough texture.

The overall look of the slide is artistic and engaging, with a creative twist on a standard data table presentation. The handdrawn, watercolor effects add a casual yet aesthetically pleasing element to an otherwise standard table visual.

Use Cases

  • To display financial data in a more creative and engaging way during a budget review or financial presentation.
  • To showcase survey results or performance metrics in a marketing or sales meeting where visual appeal is valued.
  • In educational settings or workshops, to present statistical information in a visually accessible manner.
  • During an art or design-oriented business meeting to align the presentation style with the creativity of the subject matter.

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