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Highlighters and Hand Drawn-like Markers
from deck E-Book PowerPoint Template for Lead Magnet Presentation (PPT format)

Highlighters and Hand Drawn-like Markers Modern Gradient Fill

Slide Content: The PowerPoint slide titled "Highlighters and Hand Drawn-like Markers Modern Gradient Fill" showcases a variety of highlighter and marker effects. It features different graphic elements with gradient fills and transparency effects to mimic the appearance of hand-drawn markers, including stroke lines and shapes ideal for emphasizing certain areas of a presentation.

Graphical Look:

  • The background of the slide is plain white on the left side transitioning to a dark blue on the right.
  • There are multiple hand drawn-like shapes: a long horizontal stroke, a shorter stroke with the label "with Transparency", a curved arrow pointing to the upper right, a chat bubble shape, a circular shape, and an ellipse on the lower part.
  • Each graphic object exhibits a gradient fill ranging from blue to purple, with varying levels of transparency providing a modern and artistic touch.
  • On the upper right, three arrow icons are displayed in white with a blue gradient background, and the phrase "Fully editable icons" above them.
  • A light blue text box positioned on the lower right corner provides the text "More icons available. Check our website" alongside a URL.
  • Slide number "28" is displayed in the lower right corner against the blue background.

The slide has an asymmetric distribution of elements with the left side containing more of the drawn-like graphical elements and the right having a cleaner design with icons and text. This slide uses sharp edges, modern gradients, and a mix of bold and transparent colors which gives it a contemporary and dynamic appearance.

Use Cases:

  • To highlight key concepts or data in a business presentation creatively.
  • When illustrating a process flow, where the drawn arrows can signify direction or movement.
  • In creative industries presentations to demonstrate design elements or color schemes.
  • As part of a slide deck for marketing to make key messages stand out and capture audience attention.

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