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Hiring with Pre-Onboarding and Without
from deck Recruitment, Selection, Hiring HR Processes (PPT Template)

Presentation of Hiring with Pre-Onboarding and Without

The PPT slide presents comparison of two ways of hiring, including those steps:

Signed contract - Pre-onboarding begins * Pre-onboarding is the process of preparing a new employee for their first day of work. It can start as soon as the employee accepts the job offer and continue up until their start date.

Info about workplace, company policy, and products - Pre-onboarding * Pre-onboarding can include sending the employee information about the company culture, policies, and products. It can also include providing them with access to company resources, such as the employee portal or intranet.

First day - welcome - First day * On the employee's first day, they should be welcomed by their manager and team members. They should also be given a tour of the office and introduced to the company's onboarding process.

Employee is ready for work - Workplace and products * Once the employee has completed onboarding, they should be ready to start working on their projects and contributing to the team.

Hiring without pre-onboarding - Onboarding - workplace and products * Companies that do not have a pre-onboarding process typically start onboarding on the employee's first day. This can be overwhelming for new employees, and it can take them longer to get up to speed.

Slide Graphics

The slide has a simple design with a white background and black text. There are two rows on the slide, one for hiring with pre-onboarding and one for hiring without pre-onboarding. Each row contains a timeline of the hiring process, with the steps involved in pre-onboarding and onboarding.

There are also five icons on the slide. The icons for hiring with pre-onboarding are a clipboard and a handshake.

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