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HR Metrics and Dashboarding - Remuneration
from deck HR Metrics Dashboard Data Charts (PPT Template)


Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Remuneration" and focuses on financial compensation or salary concepts. Remuneration is the money received for work or services provided. It is a key component in employment and human resources management, often reflecting the value of an employee's contributions to an organization.

Graphical Look

  • The background features a black-and-white image of a smiling woman wearing glasses and professional attire, suggesting a business setting.
  • There is a large circle with a slight gradient in the center-left, partially overlaying the image, providing a visual focus point.
  • Inside the circle, a money bag icon with a dollar sign is visible, directly relating to the theme of remuneration.
  • Extending to the right from the circle, a teal banner contains the white text "Remuneration," serving as the slide's title.
  • The upper-left and bottom-right corners feature small, semi-transparent logo/branding elements, which are subtle and non-distracting.

The overall look is clean and professional with a monochromatic background that highlights the central graphic and text. The selective use of color draws attention to the theme of the slide effectively.

Use Cases

  • In a human resources presentation to detail the components of employee compensation packages.
  • During executive meetings to discuss adjustments to company-wide remuneration strategies or structures.
  • For financial planning sessions where salary budgets and employee benefits are analyzed and planned.
  • Within a recruitment or job fair presentation to outline potential earnings and benefits to prospective employees.

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