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Irish administrative division map with text description
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Irish Administrative Division with Description

Slide Content

The slide presents an overview of the administrative division of Ireland, highlighting the number of counties as 26. It invites the presenter to add a personalized description, potentially elaborating on the details of Ireland's county structure, regional characteristics, statistical data, or any other relevant information about the administrative division.

Graphical Look

  • A large, teal-colored map of Ireland dominates the left side of the slide, depicting county boundaries.
  • A location pin icon with a heart symbol is placed on one specific spot on the map, possibly indicating a point of interest or significance within the country.
  • To the right of the map, there is a separate text box area with a dark vertical strip and lighter background.
  • Inside the text box, at the top, is the text "Number of counties: 26" in bold, followed by placeholder text prompting to "Write your own description hereā€¦" indicating areas for customization.
  • A small Irish flag icon is positioned above the text box, aligned to the top right corner of the slide.

The slide utilizes a clean and professional design, with a contrasting color scheme that emphasizes the informational components. The visual elements like the map and icons are well-placed to balance with the textual information while allowing for easy customization.

Use Cases

  • To introduce a geographical topic related to Ireland in an educational setting or training session.
  • During a business presentation, when discussing regions within Ireland for market analysis, expansion plans, or logistics.
  • In a government or policy-related presentation detailing administrative divisions and their corresponding data or initiatives.
  • As part of a tourism-focused presentation to highlight areas of interest or regions for potential development or promotion.

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