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Kotter's Change Management 8-Step Process Timeline Diagram Slide
from deck Change Management Models Diagram - Infographic PowerPoint Template

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This is a Stages of Change Management Model PowerPoint Slide according to John Kotter with an 8-step Timeline Diagram.

  • First step: create urgency - do market research and competition analysis.
  • Build a team - gather a change team with capabilities, and decision power. Create a vision - define a vision to direct the change effect.
  • Communicate the vision - present the new vision and strategies to all stakeholders.
  • Empower others to act - motivate and support, and help to remove obstacles that can appear during the change process.
  • Create quick wins - plan for simple achievable improvements.
  • Make the change process continuous - build up on the change, and sustain the change process even after it has been accomplished.
  • Organizational change - keep key stakeholders and encourage the newcomers to understand and adopt the changes.

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