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Lighthouse and Island Graphics - 4 Levels List Diagram
from deck Lighthouse Infographics for PowerPoint (PPT Template)

Lighthouse and Island Graphics - 4 Levels List Diagram

Slide Content

The slide presents a metaphorical illustration of a company's strategic directions using a lighthouse and island graphics. Each level of the lighthouse correlates with a different strategic layer, interspersed with icons representing the specific focus areas such as achievement, balance, teamwork, and improvement, each accompanied by a placeholder titled "Header" for custom texts. This structure allows for a categorical breakdown of objectives or principles within the strategic framework, associating each level of the lighthouse with a unique aspect of strategy.

Graphical Look

  • The central feature is a stylized red and white lighthouse graphic with a shining light on top.
  • Four horizontal lines emanate from the lighthouse, leading to text boxes.
  • Each text box has a unique header in bold, followed by bullet points for additional details.
  • Icons within the lighthouse correspond to the text boxes: a target, scales, puzzle pieces, and arrows.
  • The slide background is white, creating a clean and professional appearance.
  • The text and icons use shades of blue, red, and grey.
  • Visual effects such as drop shadows give a three-dimensional feel to the icons and text boxes.

The slide is neatly organized with visual elements that are easy on the eye, promoting clear communication. The lighthouse serves as a strong central metaphor, and the corresponding icons are simple yet effective in conveying different strategic themes.

Use Cases

  • Explaining multi-level or phased business strategies in team meetings or management presentations.
  • Describing company values or pillars of corporate culture to new employees during orientation.
  • Illustrating progress checkpoints in project roadmaps to stakeholders.
  • Outlining organizational goals and objectives in an annual report or strategic planning document.

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