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Icons: Location Pins and Flags

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide showcases a variety of icons themed around location pins and flags, indicating they are fully editable with customizable filling, shadow, and text. The possibility to edit these elements suggests flexibility in adapting the icons to match specific presentation needs. The icons vary in shape and design—ranging from simple location pins to pins with stars, flags both plain and with various designs, and a location pin with a specified area for text insertion.

Graphical Look

  • Two rows of variously styled location pins and flags positioned against a white background.
  • The location pins include plain pins, a pin with a star, two pins with different inner circle designs, a square pin, a square pin with a circumferential path, and a triangular pin.
  • The flags are shown in three different styles—two types of plain flags and a flag with a star.
  • There is a multicolor location pin with additional design elements and a speech bubble for text entry.
  • Below the icons is a text box with a sample of editable text attributes such as filling, shadow, and text.
  • A dark teal banner spans the top right corner of the slide, with the phrase "Fully Editable."

The slide has a clean and modern look, with the icons arranged in a grid format that allows for easy visual scanning. The colors are cohesive, predominantly featuring shades of purple and teal accents which provide a professional appearance.

Use Cases

  • To indicate different locations or points of interest during a business presentation or strategy workshops.
  • To highlight office locations or areas of operation on a company overview slide.
  • For use in marketing materials to illustrate customer distribution or regional successes.
  • To visually represent data on sales or performance metrics across different geographical regions within data reports or infographics.

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