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Market Development Diagram

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Market Development Diagram" presents an overview of strategies related to market expansion, including targeting new customer segments, industries/sectors, markets/regions, and distribution channels. "New Customer Segments" suggests introducing a female product line, while "New Industries/Sectors" focuses on expanding existing product offerings to new sectors. "New Markets/Regions" encourages entering new geographical markets through mirror companies, and "New Distribution Channels" discusses achieving 90% presence in a multi-brand environment, indicating diversification and broadening of sales avenues.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a large blue banner at the top with the title in white font.
  • To the left and right, there are vertical rectangular shapes in green and blue, respectively.
  • Four interconnected circular segments in differing shades of blue and green encompass the central circular icon indicating a globe.
  • Icons representing customer segments, lightbulb for ideas, globe for regions, and delivery for channels are placed on top of each segment, color-coded to match the underlying segment color.
  • Each circular segment has associated bullet point texts to the left (blue) and the right (green) matched with the corresponding circular segment.
  • The central globe icon is within a smaller circle surrounded by a white border.
  • The central circle is interlocking with the outer circular segments.
  • The segment icons have a simple, outline style in white, while their backgrounds are solid-colored circles with shades similar to the main segments.
  • The slide utilizes a flat design with minimal shadows and no gradients.

The slide has a modern, professional look, using a circular diagram with divided segments that symbolize interconnected areas of market development. The use of icons and brief text provides a clear, visual representation of each segment.

Use Cases

  • To present a strategic market development plan in business meetings.
  • For use by marketing teams to brainstorm expansion opportunities.
  • In investor pitch presentations to showcase growth potential.
  • As part of a training session on market penetration strategies and identifying new business opportunities.

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