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Market Facts Infographics Template Customers Survey, Survey Poll Statistics
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Market Facts Infographics Template

Slide Content

The slide depicts statistical data from a customer survey or poll, focusing on a specific result where "73% of clients have problems with..." This percentage suggests a significant portion of clients are facing an issue that is likely to be of concern to the audience. The ellipsis indicates that the exact nature of the issues faced by clients is not specified in this template and would need to be filled in for the specific context in which the slide is used. The large percentage figure is meant to draw attention to the magnitude of the client problems.

Graphical Look

  • The title "Market Facts Infographics Template" is centered at the top in large, bold font with a subtitle "Customers Survey, Survey Poll Statistics" in smaller font.
  • Dominating the left side of the slide is a large, dark teal droplet-shaped graphic with a white "73%" prominently in the center.
  • Underneath the percentage, there is a phrase in smaller white font: "of clients have problems with..." indicating a placeholder for specific information.
  • There is a large group of stylized human figures on the right side, arranged in a grid pattern - most are greyed out, but a corresponding 73% are highlighted in a contrasting orange color to visually represent the statistic.
  • A subtle outline encircles the droplet graphic, partially overlapping the edge of the slide and adding to the design element.

The slide has a modern and clean aesthetic, using contrast in color and size to draw attention to key information. The iconography enhances the statistical representation, making the data more relatable and intuitive.

Use Cases

  • Presenting customer feedback results during a company meeting to highlight areas that require attention or improvement.
  • Sharing market research findings with stakeholders to support strategic decision-making.
  • Visualizing customer satisfaction levels or common complaints in a visual report or presentation for a more engaging delivery of data.
  • Using the template in a sales or marketing presentation to discuss areas where a product or service could be improved to meet customer needs better.

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