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Organizational Change Model Example Slide - Roadmap with 8-Steps Change Management
from deck Change Management Models Diagram - Infographic PowerPoint Template

Slide content:

Organizational Change Model Management Example Slide with 8-Steps: Establish urgency, form a guiding coalition, create a vision, communicate the vision, empower the team to act on the vision, plan for and create short-term wins, monitor process, and track improvements, and systematize the new process.

Slide Infographic description:

White Transparent Background, Roadmap Diagram, Bullet Points, Flat Icon, Roadmap Line Vector, Warning Icon, Staff Icon, People Icon, Binoculars Icon, Chat Three Dotted Icon, Arrow Bolt Signal Icon, Electricity Power Icon, Plan Icon, Gear Icon, Chess Piece Icon, Flat Outline Icon, Flat Style Round Outline Icon, Resizable Shapes

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