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Outline Brain Diagram Template with 3 Areas
from deck Creative Brain and Head Outline Infographics (PPT Template)

Outline Brain Diagram Template with 3 Areas

Slide Content:

The slide is intended to categorize and explain three different aspects or functions of the brain, with each section color-coded for distinction. It's likely designed to outline various cognitive or psychological principles, such as creativity, logic, and emotion, with numbered points indicating the sequence or importance. Text boxes adjacent to each brain section provide a space for a detailed description or title, facilitating an organized presentation of information.

Graphical Look:

  • A central graphic of a human brain, divided into three color-coded areas: blue on the left, orange in the center, and yellow on the right.
  • Numbered circles (1, 2, 3) are placed next to each brain area, corresponding to the respective text sections.
  • The layout is symmetrical, with equal space for text on both sides of the brain graphic.

The slide has a simple and effective design, using color and numbering to differentiate sections of the brain and corresponding textual information. The overall look is clean and educational, suitable for presentations that require structured content.

Use Cases:

  • In educational lectures to discuss different areas of brain function or cognition.
  • During a medical seminar to explain the neurological basis for various mental activities.
  • In corporate training to demonstrate different thinking styles or problem-solving approaches.
  • For personal development or coaching sessions to explore aspects of personality or behavior.

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