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Outline Icons Set – Ecology
from deck Actions Template Against Climate Change (PPT presentation)

Outline Icons Set — Ecology

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide features a collection of line-drawn icons representing various aspects related to ecology such as the World, Globe, Earth, Protection, Care, Nature, Leaves, Sustainability, Bicycle, Green Tech, Solar Panel, Renewable Technology, LED Bulb, Train, Public Transport, EV (Electric Vehicle), Forest, Crops, and Recycling. The icons are arranged in three rows and are created to convey the essence of each ecological concept. "World" typically represents global considerations, "Globe" may indicate a focus on the earth as a whole, "Earth" often signifies ground or soil-related concerns, "Protection" suggests safeguarding the environment, "Care" embodies stewardship, "Nature" conveys the natural world, "Leaves" can symbolize flora or plant life, "Sustainability" implies practices that do not deplete resources, "Bicycle" represents eco-friendly transportation, "Green Tech" refers to environmentally sound technology, "Solar Panel" is a renewable energy source, "Renewable Technology" consists of sustainable energy innovations, "LED Bulb" denotes energy-efficient lighting, "Train and Public Transport" imply mass transit solutions, "EV" stands for vehicles powered by electricity, "Forest" indicates woodland conservation, "Crops" refers to agriculture with an ecological perspective, and "Recycling" emphasizes the reprocessing of materials.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a title placed at the top in dark text.
  • A cyan-colored header bar with a triangular cut-out design frames the top portion of the slide.
  • Text next to the title reads "Fully editable icons" in a white font over the cyan bar.
  • Below the title, a list of keywords in black text related to ecology is presented.
  • Twelve individual icons are aligned neatly in three rows and four columns.
  • Icons are created with a minimalist outline style and are equally spaced.
  • The icons depict a variety of ecological themes; for example, the earth, a pair of hands surrounding a globe, foliage, a bicycle, a solar panel, an electric vehicle, a train, stalks of grain, trees, and a recycling symbol.
  • To the right side, three icons of cars with electric plugs above them are highlighted in blue, orange, and cyan give a hint of color against the monotone design.
  • A circular icon with a similar electric car design is placed in the lower right corner, standing out due to the circular border and solid fill contrasting with other icons.

The slide is designed with a clean and professional look, utilizing line icons for visual representation of ecology-related concepts. The use of color is minimal, restricted to highlighting certain elements to draw attention or to organize the presentation visually.

Use Cases

  • Introducing eco-friendly business practices or products in a corporate presentation.
  • Providing a visual aid in educational materials about environmental science and sustainability.
  • Enhancing sections of a report or proposal that deal with renewable technology or green initiatives.
  • Utilizing as a graphic resource in marketing materials to emphasize a company's commitment to ecological issues.

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