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Outline Icons Set – Status and Documents
from deck HR Metrics Dashboard Data Charts (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set – Status and Documents

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Outline Icons Set – Status and Documents" showcases a variety of vector icons that are useful for representing different stages and statuses in document-related processes. The Harvey Balls depict stages from empty to complete, which are useful for visually indicating progress or completion levels. The document icons, with variations such as to-do lists and checkmarks, suggest different types of documents or actions such as approval (OK), in progress (GO), or disapproval (NO). The thumbs up and down icons are clear indicators of positive or negative feedback.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design with icons arranged in a grid pattern.
  • Each icon is outlined and depicts a different concept related to status and documentation.
  • The top row features document icons with variations: a blank page, text lines, bullet points, and a profile icon with text.
  • The second row and third icon from the left show Harvey Balls - circular icons with varying degrees of fill to represent different proportions.
  • The third row has more Harvey Balls, a to-do list document, and thumbs up and down icons for positive or negative feedback.
  • The right-hand side of the slide contains a dark rectangular block with a title, "Fully editable icons," highlighting that the icons can be customized.
  • The block contains three document icons with different colored check marks alongside them.
  • At the bottom of this block, a circular icon with a highlighted document suggests a prominent feature or an example icon.
  • There are colorful accents, such as turquoise for section headings and highlighting, which add visual interest to the slide.

The slide has a simple and professional appearance with minimalistic icons set against a white background and a contrasting dark section. The use of cool colors adds a touch of sophistication.

Use Cases

  • Demonstrating project progress or status updates in business meetings.
  • Visualizing task completion levels in project management presentations.
  • Enhancing communication documents to indicate action items or feedback with intuitive symbols.
  • Incorporating into user interface designs or dashboards to represent different functions or statuses visually.

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