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Outline Icons Set – Strategy
from deck Actions Template Against Climate Change (PPT presentation)

Outline Icons Set — Strategy

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is titled "Outline Icons Set — Strategy" and presents a collection of icons that symbolize various strategic elements and concepts such as Strategy, Tactic, Goal, Plan, Idea, Electricity, Search, Magnifying Glass, Investigation, Conscious, Gift, Star, Citation, Inspiration, Thought, Solution, Progress, Work, Production, Protection, Direction, Location, and Distance. Each icon visually represents a concept used in planning and strategy. For instance, a chess piece for strategy, a dart board for goals, a lightbulb for ideas, gears for work or production, a human head with a gear for thought or consciousness, and directional signs for guidance or location.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean, modern design with a dark blue background on the top header and bottom footer and a white central area.
  • A prominent slide title in white text is aligned to the left in the dark blue top header area.
  • Below the title, there is a list of concept words or phrases, aligned in two columns, each corresponding to an icon below them.
  • Two rows of outlined icons are displayed in the white central area, with each icon representing one of the concepts listed above.
  • A standout "Fully editable icons" text box with a slightly darker blue background appears in the top right corner, suggesting that the icons on the slide can be customized.
  • On the bottom right, there's a circular call-to-action with a magnifying glass icon with the text "More icons available on our website" and a URL, directing viewers to more content.
  • The design is symmetrical and balanced, with ample white space around the icons and text elements, providing a clutter-free experience.

The overall look of the slide is professional and sleek, effectively combining textual information with visually representative icons to convey the theme of strategy. The design facilitates easy interpretation of the icons' meaning in a business or strategic context.

Use Cases - This slide could be used in a business presentation to visually summarize different aspects of strategic planning or to represent different stages or components of a project.

  • It might be included in a workshop or educational setting to help participants understand and retain important strategic concepts by associating each with a visual icon.
  • A marketing team could leverage this slide to brainstorm and map out marketing strategies, allowing for a more dynamic and interactive discussion by referring to each icon.
  • Consultants or analysts might use this slide in their reports or presentations to clients to clearly outline various strategic options or recommendations without relying heavily on text.

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