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Outline style icons set: digital era, data transformation
from deck Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmaps (PPT Template)

Outline Icons Set — Digital Transformation

Slide Content

The slide is a visual representation of icons related to the digital transformation theme. The mentioned concepts include the Digital Era, highlighting the current technological age; Data Transformation, which deals with changing data formats, structures, or values; Document Cloud, suggesting cloud-based document storage or management; Network, referring to interconnected systems; Brain, likely symbolizing intelligence or AI; Binary, representing the fundamental language of computers; Business Model, indicating the framework of business operations; Cooperation, signifying teamwork; Expand and Scale Up, both related to business growth strategies; Central Hub, the focal point of activity or connectivity; Business Hierarchy, which details organizational structure; Domain Transformation, possibly referring to changes in a business or technology domain; Checkmark, indicating approval or completion; Benefit, outlining advantages or gains; Process, involving a series of actions to achieve a result; Wi-Fi, associated with wireless connectivity; Internet, denoting the global network; Conveyor Belt, symbolizing process automation or flow; Operation, related to the execution of tasks.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design, predominantly using a white and dark blue color scheme.
  • There are three columns of icons paired with captions, which all have a line art style and are blue-grey in color.
  • The icons illustrate various digital transformation concepts like gears within a network node, a cloud, a network pattern, binary code, and various symbolic representations of connectivity and processes.
  • On the right side, there's an additional set of cloud icons in gradient color variants — teal to orange, suggesting different versions or options.
  • The icons on the right are highlighted within a turquoise circle to presumably showcase selection or focus.
  • A prominent header in large, dark teal font spans the top of the slide, indicating this slide's focus on Icon Sets for Digital Transformation.
  • There's a subheading describing the icons' editability in white text against a dark blue background at the top right corner.

The overall look of the slide is professional and polished, with a simple and clear layout that emphasizes the icons. Each icon is designed to visually represent complex digital concepts in an easily understandable manner.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in a presentation to introduce various aspects of digital transformation within a company.
  • It could be utilized during workshops or seminars focused on explaining the different components and tools associated with digital era changes.
  • The icons can serve as visual aids for discussing strategic IT planning or infrastructure development.
  • It would be appropriate for illustrating points in a discussion about improving business processes through digital technology.

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