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Portfolio of POS in Market X Dashboard
from deck Point of Sale Segmentation Strategy (PPT Template)

Portfolio of POS in Market X Dashboard

Slide Content

The slide titled "Portfolio of POS in Market X Dashboard" presents data on the distribution and financial performance of points of sale (POS) across different clusters in a market. It shows the "Number of Doors, Revenue Shares Generated by Cluster, Average Revenue per Door Data Chart Examples." The number of POS per cluster is illustrated in a bar chart for clusters A to E, suggesting the magnitude of operations in each cluster. Additionally, "Share in Revenue" is shown in horizontal bars, indicating Cluster E's dominance, being on par with Cluster D. A line graph depicts the "Av. Annual Revenue per POS (M$)," where Cluster C has the highest average revenue. Lastly, a "Summary" section highlights key insights: 1,000 total POS, Cluster C claiming a significant share of yearly sales, and plans to invest heavily in this promising segment.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white, providing a clean and professional appearance.
  • The title uses a bold, large font, catching immediate attention.
  • Three distinct content sections with labels: 'Nr of POS', 'Av. Annual Revenue per POS (M$)', and 'Summary'.
  • The first section includes a vertical bar chart with five bars, each corresponding to a cluster.
  • The second section consists of a line graph tracking the average annual revenue across clusters.
  • Both graphical sections are in shades of blue, providing a visually cohesive and calming effect.
  • The 'Summary' section is accompanied by three points, enclosed in a text box with a golden yellow border.
  • Icons and text boxes use rounded rectangles with a flat design.
  • The slide employs a minimalistic approach, with icons and charts designed for easy interpretation.

The overall look of the slide is clean, modern, and data-focused, utilizing blue tones and yellow accents to draw attention to key metrics and summaries. These visual elements guide the viewer's eye through the data in a logical flow.

### Use Cases

  • To present sales performance data in a management meeting, highlighting which clusters are excelling and which may need more support.
  • During a strategy presentation to stakeholders, illustrating market penetration and areas of revenue concentration.
  • In a financial analysis discussion, to isolate areas of high performance and better understand revenue streams and investment effectiveness.
  • When unveiling a business plan to investors, providing a snapshot of current market presence and guiding future investment decisions based on data-driven insights.

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