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Potential Partners Comparison
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Potential Partners Comparison

with Background, Key Strengths, Brands Portfolio and Financial Situation

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison of three potential partners, labeled "Partner A," "Partner B," and "Partner C." Each partner has information under four categories: Background, Key Strengths, Brands Portfolio, and Financials. Partner A's background includes being established in 19XX, strong investment in Spain, and a global presence as of 20XX. The Key Strengths exhibit experience with international brands, a business network with access to the retail property market, and financial power. Their Brands Portfolio is shown as a distributor of several brands. Lastly, the financial aspect is illustrated with "€ XX Mio."

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a three-column layout with a light blue, darker blue, and orange header for Partner A, B, and C respectively.
  • Each column has a list with bullet points, representing the categories like Background, Key Strengths, etc.
  • Icons relevant to each category (magnifying glass for Background, handshake for Key Strengths, briefcase for Brands Portfolio, and Euro currency symbol for Financials) are placed alongside the text in the left-most part of the slide.
  • Horizontal lines separate the categories within each column.
  • Each column concludes with a bold figure representing the financial information, prefixed with a Euro sign.

The overall look of the slide is clean and well-organized, promoting easy comparison across the partners. The color-coding and icons make for an intuitive and visually appealing presentation of information.

Use Cases

  • This slide can be used in business meetings to discuss and evaluate the profiles of potential business partners.
  • It may be included in a presentation to investors or company stakeholders to highlight possible collaboration opportunities.
  • The slide can be utilized in internal strategy sessions when selecting partners for a specific project or business venture.
  • It could also serve as part of a competitor analysis briefing to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each potential partner in comparison to the others.

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