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Product Diversification

Slide Content

The slide introduces the concept of "Product Diversification" and is a 4 Categories Matrix Tool depicting Horizontal, Vertical, Concentric, and Conglomerate diversification strategies. Horizontal diversification is about offering new products such as a complementary assortment to an existing collection, or a new feminine line of a brand. Vertical diversification involves the value chain extension like purchasing a production unit. Concentric diversification refers to a new line of products with technical or commercial similarities. Lastly, Conglomerate diversification points to new, unrelated products or services.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Product Diversification" is prominently displayed at the top in large, bold text.
  • Four content blocks are neatly organized into a 2x2 matrix, each representing a different category of diversification.
  • Each block contains a large arrow-shaped header with the diversification type labeled and a brief description below.
  • Horizontal diversification is highlighted in blue, Vertical in green, Concentric in a darker green, and Conglomerate in the lightest green.
  • Bullet points under each type suggest where to insert specific examples or text related to the business’s diversification strategy.
  • Icons within colored circles are used to symbolize each diversification type visually: two opposing arrows for Horizontal, upward and downward arrows for Vertical, an interconnected network for Concentric, and a hexagonal array for Conglomerate.

The overall design is clean and modern with a professional look. The use of uniform shapes and harmonious colors facilitates a clear understanding of the different categories of diversification strategies.

Use Cases

  • Ideal for strategic business presentations to discuss expansion and growth strategies.
  • Can be used in a business development meeting to brainstorm diversification opportunities.
  • Suitable for training sessions to educate employees or stakeholders on the various diversification strategies.
  • Useful in investor or board meetings to present potential diversification plans for securing buy-in.

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