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Example of the product, storage and consumption scribble icons
from deck All Hand Drawn Icons and Diagram Shapes (PPT graphics Mega-Bundle)

Scribble Logistics Icons: Production, Storage, Consumption

Slide Content

The slide is presenting a set of hand-drawn-style icons related to logistics, specifically focused on the stages of production, storage, and consumption. These include factory icons for production, which depict different types of industrial buildings with chimneys; warehouse icons for storage, representing storage facilities with goods; a forklift icon, conveying the idea of moving goods, presumably in a warehouse context; and shopping cart icons for consumption, which suggest the end-user purchase or retail part of the supply chain.

Graphical Look

  • Two factory outline drawings represent the industrial production aspect, having different styles of smokestacks.
  • Two warehouse drawings depict storage facilities, each showing a distinct building with windows and a door.
  • A forklift graphic is displayed centrally, symbolizing the transportation or movement of goods.
  • Three shopping carts are shown with varying degrees of fill, demonstrating different levels of consumer goods consumption.
  • Each icon uses a combination of a thin black outline with a fill of orange and is accented with orange scribble shading.
  • A text box with "Fully editable" message is on the right side of the slide, with a dark blue circle background highlighting the message.

The overall look of the slide is simple yet visually appealing, giving a playful and creative impression due to the sketch-like quality of the icons. The color scheme is consistent, with orange features standing out against the white background.

Use Cases

  • To introduce concepts of supply chain management during a business presentation.
  • As visual aids in a training module for logistics and operations employees.
  • In a marketing pitch to showcase a company's end-to-end logistics capabilities.
  • For illustrating different segments of an e-commerce platform within investor updates or stakeholder meetings.

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