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Revenue by Business Customer Segments
from deck B2B Customer Segmentation Models Presentation (PPT Template)

Revenue by Business Customer Segments

Slide Content

The slide presents data on "Top B2B Segments Based on RFM Analysis with AOV and ARPU." Key performance metrics such as Total Revenue ($346,842), Number of Orders (4,731), and Number of Customers (1,622) are displayed alongside Purchase Frequency, AOV (Average Order Value, $73.31), and ARPU (Average Revenue Per User, $213.84). A pie chart categorizes customer segments by percentage, with labels such as Champions (45.7%), Loyal (24.6%), and others. A vertical bar chart shows monetary values attributed to each customer segment, indicating their value to the business.

Graphical Look

  • A large, colorful pie chart is centered at the bottom left, with percentages indicating the distribution of customer segments.
  • At the bottom of the slide, there is a legend correlating colors to customer segments types such as Champions, Loyal, and Hibernating.
  • To the right of the pie chart, a vertical bar chart is displayed with blue bars of varying lengths, representing different customer segment values.
  • Above the charts, four rectangular boxes contain key metric details in a minimalist design.
  • The slide background is white with a subtle blue overlay pattern in the bottom corners.
  • Text and numbers are predominantly in shades of dark grey or black, with blue highlights accentuating specific sections.

The slide has a clean, corporate design with a professional color scheme. The charts provide a visual representation of data, making it easy to compare customer segment contribution and performance metrics at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting segmentation analysis to stakeholders to highlight the most valuable customer groups.
  • Using in marketing meetings to discuss targeted strategies for different customer segments.
  • Incorporating into sales presentations to showcase business performance and customer engagement.
  • Utilizing in financial reviews to demonstrate the revenue impact of various customer segments.

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